Patch 1.4.1: RIVALS fixes

We've been updating the game quite a lot since launching RIVALS - thanks for your patience! We had a huge number of players in the first few weeks, and our server was a bit overloaded. But now we've fixed most of the connection and stability issues people were having, and today's patch rolls in some gameplay tweaks and fixes too. Here are the full patch notes:

1.4.1 (December 20th 2019)

  • Fix for being able to promote while travelling
  • Fixed some localisation / pronoun issues
  • Flare Usage perk doesn't stack
  • Fix for losing a mummy when two mummies come alive from your inventory (you now fight two mummies)
    • Improved server connection issues
    • Hubs are now generally further away from each other
    • Hub names now just take the full player name
    • Removed Renounced status
    • Reduced range of Weather Balloons
    • Reduced speed of world Timeline animation
    • Whisky Lover 2 crate only has 15 Whisky (so it's not better than Best of Both Worlds)
    • When sorting Crates by Rarity, Held crates are sorted first
    • Fix for Cultist takeover Missions not allowing Recruit even though party wasn't full with Authoritative Leader
    • Fixed issues when Holding crates failed
    • Fix for Province banners being shown when they shouldn't
    • Fix for global highscores showing missing users
    • Fix for some animal loot not being tradable with Taxidermy Badge Servant
    • Fix for T-Rex tooth not being deliverable as Treasure
    • Fix for some party members not getting their proper initial statuses
    • Fix for account issues when switching Steam user
    • Fix for easy accidental perk selection when promoting Explorer

Join us on Discord to discuss these changes - and don't forget, everyone who finds the Pyramid in RIVALS get's instant access to the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha! We just launched Alpha 2, adding Drylands to the game:

And of course, you can also sign up for a chance at CE2 Alpha access here.

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Dec 20, 2019

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